Research Situation
Year Research and Development Description
2020~2021 Developed a protective film for vehicle windshields Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) used to protect vehicle windshields
Developed a four-dimensional (4D) carbon film 4D carbon pattern antichipping film
2019~2020 Developed a highly functional clear and black matte PPF Matte PPF applicable to clear and black TPU
2017~2018 Developed a coating material that self-restores at room temperature Coating material immediately self-restores at room temperature
Developed a highly functional coating material Coating material with excellent stain resistance and water repellency
2015~2016 Developed a PPF process Process for manufacturing PPFs
Developed a color PPF for headlights Four-color PPFs for headlights
2013~2014 Developed a protective film for liquid crystal protection Protective TPU film for liquid crystal protection
2012~2013 Developed a primer for nonpolar materials Primer to improve adhesion to nonpolar materials
Developed a black high-gloss film Black high-gloss film with a unique black TPU
2010~2011 Developed a three-dimensional (3D) carbon film Antichipping film with a 3D carbon pattern
2009~2010 Developed a coating material for PPFs Adhesive and coating materials necessary for PPFs
Developed an adhesive material for PPFs

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