AD-Winner R&D.


Ad-Winner developed its products using source material technologies (e.g., TPU, adhesives, and coating materials), which are the core of manufacturing to manufacturing and production technologies (e.g., MICROGRAVURE and slot-die coating control technology), through extended independent research activities and established its unique production system.

Based on the excellent technology of Ad-Winner, its researchers can quickly, accurately, and progressively develop technology that creates products to meet customer needs.

  • Paint Protection Film

    Ad-Winner’s unique film was created using its excellent source material manufacturing technology.

  • Excellent Research Skills

    Core technologies are developed to satisfy customersthrough research activities using superior technology.

  • Unrivaled Production Technology System

    Excellent researchers and production systems produce high-quality products.

Technical difficulties with TPU coating film manufacturing causes difficulties in mass production and commercialization.
Ad-Winner has core technologies, such as coating agents and adhesives, and production technologies, such as slot-die and MICROGRAVURE for coating.

Adhesive Manufacturing Technology / Coating Agent Manufacturing Technology / TPU Manufacturing Technology / Thin-Film Coating Technology / Adhesive Technology / High-Performance Facilities, Such as Slot-Die and MICROGRAVURE PDN